Rajput or Rajputra is a regional word of Rajasthan (India); its mean Son of kings. They were the descendants from the Kshatriyas or warriors of Vedic India. There were three major types of Rajputs descend in the medieval Indian history; the Suryavanshi who descended from lord Rama, the Chandravanshi who descended from Hindu god Krishna and the Agnikula tribes descended from the god of the Anali Kund.

     There were 21 small kingdoms in Rajasthan. Different Rajputs clans ruled their own kingdom, among them the Sisodias Rajput had ruled in the state of Mewar (now in Udaipur), the Kachwahas Rajput had ruled in the state of Amber (now in Jaipur), the Rathors Rajput had ruled in the state of f Marwar (now in Jodhpur and Bikaner), the Hadas Rajput had ruled in the state of Jhalwawar, the Bhattis Rajput had ruled in the state of Jaisalmer, the Shekhawats Rajput had ruled in the state of Shekhawati and the Chauhans Rajput had ruled in the state of Ajmer. Rao Rajputs are one of them.

      Rao is an Indian princely title cognate with Raja(King). It's also a royal surname across India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Italy and Brazil. Rao is also used as an addition to one's name or as a suffix to a male name in some places.

     Rao is commonly added as a suffix to a person's name in southern , northern and western parts of India, in particular in the states of Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka, Konkan/Goa, uttarpradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana.Rao/Rai is a clan of Jat.Rao is the surname of Rajput of uttarpradesh , Rao is the surnames of Ahirs of Haryana and Rajasthan .Variants of the name include "Rai", "Raja", "Rayudu", "Rayar", "Rayulu", "Raut", "Raya", "Rana" and others. In the Gujarati diaspora, Rao is a common name among the Brahmbhatt or Barot community. India's ex-prime minister Narasimha Rao (whose last name is often featured in the any Times crossword puzzle) is a native of Andhra Pradesh in South India.


      Rao - Rathores in eastern U.P who said to have descends of Rao jodha use Rao as their surname instead of rathores e.g. siddharth rao ,said to be from suryavansh..Some of the descendent's of Rao jodha settled in eastern U.P.(KHIMSAYPUR is a famous place of rathour's in farrukhabad district) They use Rao word as sir name instead of Rathour.eg Rao Praduymn Singh Rathore son of Rao Surender Pratap Singh Rathore. 

Primarily Rao were:

  1. Advisers & Nobles in kingdoms
  2. Court Poets & Poets
  3. Historians
  4. Litterateur
  5. Diplomats & Notary
  6. Warriors
  7. Preachers & Priests
  8. Story-tellers
  9. Artists & Folk Artists
  10. Singers / Bards
  11. Genealogists, etc.