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     The Wagdi language is one of the languages of Rajasthan and India. The Wagdi language is mostly speaking in Banswara and Dungarpur districts of Rajasthan(India). The wadgi language is rather meet with Gujarati language but some words are different like "ch" to say "h ".  If you want to say "me ja rha hu" in hindi then it will be "hu jai rhyo chu" in Gujarati and "mu zai ryo hu " in wagdi.



     The Wagdi language is also one of the Bhil languages of India, and is mutually intelligible withBhili (Bhil proper).Other names for Wagdi are Wagadi, Vagdi, Vagadi, Vagari, Vageri, Vaged, Vagi, Wagari, Waghari, Wagri, Wagholi and Mina Bhil. There are three dialects of Wagdi: Aspur, Kherwara, Sagwara and Adivasi Wagdi.


   The Wagdi are animists (believe that non-living objects have spirits) who have been heavily influenced by Hinduism. In fact, most of their Hindu and animistic practices have been so intertwined that it is difficult to separate them. Ancestor worship (worshipping the spirits of deceased relatives) is also quite popular. The village shamans (priests) attempt to appease the gods and mud idols by making sacrifices to them on stone altars.


     The Wagdi were traditionally hunters and gatherers. They relied primarily on bows and arrows for hunting, although spears, slings, and axes were also used. Edible plants, roots, and fruits were gathered from the forests. Unfortunately, extensive deforestation in this region has greatly diminished the forest resources. As a result, most of the Wagdi are now settled peasant farmers. Their primary crops include maize, millet, cucumbers, cotton, wild rice, lentils and barley. Some of the Wagdi have lost their land and now earn a living as hired laborers. Many of them have found jobs clearing forests or repairing roads. Since the Wagdi do not weave cloth, make pottery, or work with metals, they are dependent on trade to obtain these types of items.


     The Wagdi belong to a much larger cluster of peoples known as the Bhil. The Bhil are the third largest and most widely distributed tribal group in India. Although the Bhil were once thought of as a single tribe, it is now clear that they consist of many subgroups, one of which is the Wagdi.


     The Wagdi are divided into clans, each of which is led by a chief. The chiefs have supreme power in matters concerning the clan. Since the clans are often geographically separated, the main purpose of the clan seems to be ensuring exogamous marriages (marriages between members of the same clan), and identifying the proper lines of descent.    

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