The First religion of the world





First civilization on earth was Indus Valley Civilzation. This civilzation was based over the river Sindhu. This was the first step toward human development. They divided society into four parts for running society smoother. One section of society was responisble for running goverment. One Section of society was responsible for running market flow means trade.Other section of society was responsible for cultivating good so that mankind sustain their life. Last section of society constitue scholars.

This scholar section aimed to part more & more knowledge about nature.This section of society set first religion known as Hinduism.Peolple following this realigion were known as Hindu. That land was known as Hindustan.

This society create base for other human development like:-

All other religion on this earth used knowlege of vedas as their preaching.This civilization gave first number 0 which is base of mathematics.This civilization gave 0 & 1 which is base for computer world today.This civilization gave first language, today know as mother of all language as Sanskrit.This Civilization gave medical science, surgery was also discoverd in this civilization first which is based for today's medical science.This civilization gave first knowlege about solar system which was used for asterology.This civilization gave Ayurvedas.This Civilization gave Art in form of dance, music, painting, sclupture making. We can seen diversity in india today in the field of art.many more importance of this civilzation, which cannot be listed here...

Entire knowlege discovered by this section of society(refering to brahman's) was collected into Vedas written into Sanskrit.Since population of Brahman was less as compared to total population of this civilization so it was merely impossible for them to impart this knowlege to all section of society so they made many story for human development. But this story has many hidden values.The only thing we see in those story was character but no one was able to get hidden moral of story even today.

Hinduism never believes in converting people in hindu because hinduism is actual form of humanism. So it doesn't matter hinduism is a religion for some people.On ther hand many religion came out of hinduism like Sikh, Buddhism & Jainism.

Hinduism never invaded other civilzation because they believed in mutual growth.

"Hinduism states that There is only one power in this world known as AdiShakti which can be divided into male & female power as Shiv & parvati. All other form of god is their own image only". This thought has been modified into several form to state new religion.
Religion is made for human development. God above us like us for our good deeds not that i m muslim or hindu or christaian or any other.The only thing matter is how i can contribute to this human development.

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